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Freedom Solar Energy

Freedom Solar Energy has been licensed since 2016, and was created to serve the needs of homeowners and businesses in order to help them save money and reduce their reliance on non-renewable energy.

Solar Panels Installation Arcadia

We use primarily Panasonic solar panels, which come with a Tripleguard twenty-five-year warranty. This covers the panels’ performance, workmanship, parts, and labor for a full twenty-five years. Our clients appreciate the fact that our products are only top quality. Give us a call, and an expert will assist you with all of your solar needs.

Solar Pool Heating Arcadia

Through adding a solar pool heater, you can significantly reduce the heating costs for swimming pools. These are compatible with both gas and heat pump pool heaters, and have very low operating costs per year. In many areas solar pool heating is perhaps the most cost-effective use of solar energy.

Solar Water Heating Arcadia

Solar water heaters— also called solar hot water systems for domestic use— are a cost-effective way to get hot water for your home. They’re used in any climate, and the fuel they are using is sunshine, which is free. Solar water heating systems contain solar collectors and storage tanks. There are basically only two types of solar water heating systems: active, with pumps and controls in operation, and passive, which do not.

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Arcadia Financial Benefits of Solar Energy

Long-term Value

Solar panels have long lifespans. Much of the initial fee of installing a solar energy system is mitigated by the long-term savings on electric bills. Most solar panels have a 20 to 30 year lifespan and this can increase to 40 years if solar panels are properly treated and maintained.

Personal savings

Solar panels can provide great savings on electricity bills. By installing solar panels one can save on the cost of electricity which has been increasing every year for electric and gas powered homes and industries. Check with your solar panel provider to see if solar energy would be a good solution to energy bills for your area, home, or business before investing.

Tax Deductions

Solar panels give tax incentives at state and federal level. You can estimate the tax incentives and annual cost of your solar panel to figure total savings. It is possible to get state solar tax breaks by using solar energy. These deductions depend on your location and the size of your system. You can get access to federal tax deductions for solar hotwater heaters and photovoltaic systems. Here is an example of how deductions, combined with other incentives have saved residents of New York money.

home value

Your home value can be increased by installing solar panels. It will increase the price of evaluation for your home because solar panels provide long-term energy savings, environmental benefits, and tax deductions.

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Customer Reviews

I have worked with Justin Vaughan personally. He is an excellent wealth of knowledge. Justin helped me with solar issues I was having from my installation from another company. I was not getting the assistance I needed so Justin stepped in and gave me all the assistance I needed. He provided me with a lot of information about the panels and the inverter I needed to know but the other company didn’t feel the need to provide to me. I have since there put his name out there (on social media) for installs of new solar systems. If I ever move and get solar again I will call Justin personally for my purchase. I believe solar is the way to go as long as you have an educated and professional installer that is not afraid to provide you with the information you need to make an intelligent purchase. Justin is just that guy. He comes highly recommended by me and my family.

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