Will solar power work after an EMP?

One common question we recieve from people preparing for a worst-case scenario is whether their solar system after an EMP blast will work.

The fact is that nobody does, as there hasn’t been an EMP attack on a large scale before. In what electronics still work, factors such as the location and strength of the EMP blast will play a role.

One thing to keep in mind is that over 99% of solar systems are connected to the utility grid. This means that if the network goes down, the solar system most likely will not work either.

If you don’t have a battery backup with your solar system, then the system will not work when the grid goes down. Even if your order isn’t necessarily damaged directly by the EMP, if the network is down, your system will be down as well.

If you have a battery backup system, there’s a chance that the system could still work after the EMP attack, but no one can really guarantee for sure if it would.