Do solar panels save money?

There are two main reasons why people become interested in solar energy. One is related to how many solar panels can save them on their electricity bills, and the other is how much it can reduce their carbon footprint.

The amount of money you can save will vary depending on your house. The size of your solar energy system, its exposure to direct sunlight, and the incentives available in your area will all affect how much your system will cost you and how much money it will save you.

That being said, solar energy is an affordable, viable option for a lot of people. Most don’t even realize that their house qualifies for money-saving solar panels. According to the Office of Energy & Renewable Energy (EERE.), the cost of solar has dropped every year since 2009, making it easier and more accessible for most people to save money with solar panels.

If you’re still unsure whether or not you could save money on your electricity bill with solar panels, consider the different ways to pay for solar panels. You can buy your solar panels outright or take out a loan to pay for them, or you could get a solar power purchase agreement (PPA).

Each of these financing options can help you save money differently, while still allowing you to go solar.

Talk with a solar rep about what options are available in your area to learn the possible ways you could save money with solar energy.